Tunic Complete

I just finished the matching tunic for my boyfriend's squire brother. The most beautiful blue linen! I machine stitched the main seams and hand finished them along with a silk lining at the neck.  Hand sewing can be very relaxing while watching Jane Austen movies :-)

Here's a snapshot of the tunic with my tailoring assistants, they are so helpful!  ;-)

A close-up of the neckline facing.

Now to mail it out to him!

Split Stitch Hood

My most recent project is outfitting my lord's squire brother (one tunic just won't do!). Here is the hood I just finished for him.  It is a blue and deep gold linen and is reversible. He wanted an orange, and the linen I bought looked orange until I washed it... It still looks really nice though, so I hope he feels the same!  This is the first hood I have embroidered - I used split stitch done in a bronze colored silk thread, a simple, but pretty detail. Don't tell him I called it pretty, though ;-)