Introduction to Medieval Sewing

This hands-on class is normally taught in 2 parts.  

Part 1:  Explores the variety of stitches used during the 14th century and we work them using modern, easy to use materials.  Perfect for complete beginners.  

Part 2: We take what we learned in Part 1 and create a pouch from materials used in the 14th century (linen and silk). 

View the Class Handout here.

Hand Finishing Gothic Clothing

This is similar to the second half of my Introduction to Medieval Sewing class, but the class is formatted to create a sampler that mimics the order the stitches are used to hand sewing a garment including inner and outer seams, button holes, eyelets, and facings. 

The handout is a modified version of the Introduction to Medieval Sewing handout linked above. 

Spice Up Your Sleeves: Sleeves Styles of the Late 14th/Early 15th Centuries

This theory class explores the variety of sleeve styles seen in men's and women's garments during the late 14th/early 15th centuries.  We also discuss questions to consider when choosing a sleeve style for a garment and creating your own patterns.

View the Class Handout here.

Setting a Gothic Table

In this class we discuss the elements of a proper table in the 14th century including tables, tableware, linens, food, and manners.  We also discuss ways to set a beautiful Gothic table on a budget!

View the Class Handout here.

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