Introduction to Medieval Sewing

This hands-on class is normally taught in 2 parts.  

Part 1:  Explores the variety of stitches used during the 14th century and we work them using modern, easy to use materials.  Perfect for complete beginners.  

Part 2: We take what we learned in Part 1 and create a pouch from materials used in the 14th century (linen and silk). 

View the Class Handout here.

Spice Up Your Sleeves: Sleeves Styles of the Late 14th/Early 15th Centuries

This theory class explores the variety of sleeve styles seen in men's and women's garments during the late 14th/early 15th centuries.  We also discuss questions to consider when choosing a sleeve style for a garment and creating your own patterns.

View the Class Handout here.

Setting a Gothic Table

In this class we discuss the elements of a proper table in the 14th century including tables, tableware, linens, food, and manners.  We also discuss ways to set a beautiful Gothic table on a budget!

View the Class Handout here.

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