Up! Up! And Away!

Well, I am trying to turn over a new leaf.  I have a habit of researching a project very intensely, planning the project, acquiring the materials for said project, but never finding the time to actually DO the project. I have heard that admission of the problem is the first step in correcting the problem. :-) On to step two:  So I am working through my materials slowly, but surely finding and completing the projects I have had swirling around in my head for so long! Next on the list: painted silk banners!

I purchased the materials some time ago, but never constructed a frame for the silk (this will be a recurring theme).  Yesterday, I woke and was determined to get the process rolling.  I purchased the materials for the frame for $5 (hmmm, seems kind of silly that $5 was holding me back from such fun!) added some pushpins and rubber bands and away we go!  The instructions I read suggested using safety pins to connect the silk to the frame, but a I saw a friend use binder clips and I must say I really liked using them.  They are easy to adjust and have a very tight grip.  You can see the template I used for tracing the design onto the silk under the frame.

I started out with a couple simple, small pennants to see how the materials would work before I attempted a larger scale banner (my small apartment would be very cramped with an 8 foot frame!).  Below is the second one I did using a black resist.  The first one I tried using a clear resist to see which I liked better; currently the jury is still out. 

Although I still need to let the second pennant dry and set the dyes with an iron, I am confident to say this experiment is a success!   Later today I will be testing out making a small silk hankie with my arms in order to try out more intricate details (ermine spots are fun!).  The next step is designing the larger standards for myself and Ed.  I see a visit to my parents house in the near future....that has nothing to do with the fact they have a long, indoor balcony perfect for laying out 8 foot silk frames.... :-)