Manuscript Challenge

I have been pouring over images ever since the Manuscript Challenge glove was dropped.  The rules are simple, but specific and can be found here:

There is also an active Facebook Group found here:

 My mind was filled with extravagant ideas such as Lysbeth van Duvenvoorde (one of my favorite portraits).

Her outfit has so many wonderful details. As I broke down her outfit into individual elements, I realized that this would be an immense undertaking with only a year to complete. With the all the other projects on my list (medieval and modern) I decided to be realistic and not set myself up for failure.  I'm keeping her in my back pocket, someday her outfit will be mine!

In search of a more realistic, but equally interesting image, I found myself again looking at one of my favorites.

The Marriage of Philip, the Duke of Burgundy, and Margaret of Flanders from Chroniques de France ou de St Denis contains a wonderful variety of garment styles for both men and women.  I have used it as reference many times when teaching and discussing sleeves styles, in particular.  The women on the right in the blue dress seemed to jump off the page.  I also recently purchased some lovely navy blue wool, so that may have influenced my choice. :-)

I also have been thinking about padded roll headdresses.  They are so prevalent in images of this time, but I rarely seen them recreated in a style that I like.  It has nothing to do with the quality of the reproductions, it's just that they look kind of frumpy and out of place to me (my modern sensibilities shining through). And the thought of wearing one myself has always been… not very exciting. 

With this fair blue lady as my inspiration,  I have resolved to give padded rolls a fair chance!